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Helping people and organisations flourish

New Prosperity provides consultancy, training and coaching in applied positive psychology for individuals, teams and organisations.   




We shape the world through the questions we ask. New Prosperity's approach to consultancy pivots on finding out what works well in your organisation, what energises your staff, what delights your teams in their performance.  Our development work never ignores problems or ducks issues but often reframes them.  We concentrate on what is right with your organisation and optimising performance from that focus.  All organisations have a positive core and we work to help you and your staff build on that and develop new approaches that deploy your strengths to better advantage.




We provide on-site workshops and seminars for staff at all levels. Our interest is in helping equip your organisation to tackle its issues more positively. To celebrate what is right and to build on the energies that follow from this better and greater focus. As Michelangleo said the 'greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.'   




Coaching, on a confidential basis, is available for individuals or teams on an ongoing basis including by telephone and e-mail. This is a personal service and it is essential to first meet and discuss the coaching journey ahead.

Why New Prosperity

We think that the world is entering a new phase where there will be much more emphasis on human flourishing through relationships, through beauty, virtue and love. Money is of course important but it is not the final balance sheet.